New homes plan: Residents fear water shortages and flooding problems

Video report by ITV Meridian's Mel Bloor

(Interviewees: John De Lara, Bucklebury resident and Cllr Barry Dickens, Chairman of Bucklebury Parish Council)

Residents in a Berkshire village say plans to build 2,500 new homes nearby could cause more water shortages and flooding problems if allowed to go ahead.

West Berkshire Council has earmarked 170 hectares of land at north east Thatcham for development

West Berkshire Council has identified an area of land to the north east of Thatcham for development as part of its local housing plan but people living in the neighbouring village of Bucklebury say the current water infrastructure is only just coping as it is.

Resident John De Lara has been affected by numerous burst water mains in the area.

Thames Water has made a number of improvements to the water infrastructure in the area in recent years, including building a new pumping station in Harts Hill Road. 

  • Mobile phone footage of a recent burst water main in Thatcham

Half of the 2,500 homes are expected to be built by 2037.

West Berkshire Council says the development will provide Thatcham with the infrastructure it needs, including new schools.

So far more than 2,500 people have signed a petition objecting to the new homes plan.

A further consultation is due to be held in the summer.