The most dangerous rural roads for young drivers named in new research

The A229 in Kent has been named as the most dangerous rural road in the UK.

Research by the AA Charitable Trust found stretches from Blue Bell hill near Chatham, all the way to East Sussex, had the highest number of crashes involving young drivers per kilometre.

 The A229 is closely followed by the A2 which is also in Kent.

The trust found that 71% of fatal crashes involving young drivers (17-24) are on rural roads, with young drivers over-represented in rural crashes by 9%.

Watch: Lorna Lee, The AA

To come up with the statistics, researchers looked at more than 70,000 young driver crashes over a 6-year period.

Credit: AA

By percentage of all crashes (percentage of crashes which involved young drivers, indicating the crash risk relative to that of other drivers), it is the A6076 in Country Durham.