How this viral performance from a pianist with dementia is helping others

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A viral video of a Sussex man with dementia playing a piano is helping others dealing with the disease.

Paul Harvey, who is 80, was recorded by his son Nick at their home in Uckfield last September performing the piece 'four notes'.

Since then it's been viewed over two million times on Twitter and through its social media success, attracted a large donation from Philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter to create the Paul and Nick Harvey Foundation.

£500,000 is now being given to organisations across the UK by the campaign Music for Dementia who helped setup the fund.

"The amount of good that will do it's unbelievable, the amount of lives that money will change for the better, I still can't quite believe how important the donation will be for countless people. It's really wonderful.", says Nick Harvey.

Paul describes the donation as "one hell of a shock as I've never been involved with so much money in all my life."

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Sam Dook is director of Lifesize, a group who use music to interact with people living with dementia in care homes and hospital.

They are one of 27 organisations to receive a share of money from the fund.

Paul was a music teacher and music has been a huge part of his life and because of his performance, more lives will now experience its powerful impact.