Volunteers wanted to test fourth potential Covid-19 vaccine

Researchers in Southampton are appealing for adults to take part in a medical trial for a potential fourth coronavirus vaccine.

The Valneva jab is made using different technology to that used in the three existing vaccines - AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna.

The Valneva vaccine is being investigated as a fourth potential Covid-19 jab

Scientists say that it was shown in early trials to trigger a 'significant' response in nine out of ten people, with no safety issues.

The team want 180 people aged between 18 and 55 to join a pilot group of four thousand world wide.

  • Professor Saul Faust, lead for the study

More than half the UK population have now had a single Covid vaccine

Unlike the current licensed vaccines that use newer technology to train the immune system recognise and attack the virus’ spike proteins, the Valneva vaccine uses inactivated whole virus particles that are unable to  multiply inside the body, to present the body’s immune defences with a wider range of virus parts to recognise and attack.

The oldest form of vaccine technology, it provides a different angle of attack on the virus and in first phase trials showed a significant response response in 90% of the 153 participants across low, medium and higher doses. The higher dose only is being tested in the current large trial.

More than half UK population has received their first dose of vaccine

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