Victim of repeated fly-tipping has fire extinguishers and horse manure dumped on land

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Mary Stanley

A business owner fears she'll be left with a huge clean up bill after more than 100 fire extinguishers were dumped on her farmland on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border.

Debbie Hayward is a partner in a business that grows lettuces and vegetables for the wholesale market.

She had left the field in Plaitford unlocked and unmanned for just a couple of hours to take produce back to the farm yard.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

When she returned she found the extinguishers scattered around the field, as well as a large amount of horse manure and wood shavings also discarded.

She has now piled up the extinguishers but because this is private land, she will have to foot the bill to have them safely removed.

Debbie says: "It's laziness. I think there need to be more penalties, more to scare these people off doing it - because it is a real pain! You know we've had it several times; this is just a bigger example. It's people thinking 'out of sight out of mind, let's chuck it somewhere else' and it just makes you mad."

Police and Wiltshire Council are looking into the fly-tipping. It is thought information on the extinguishers may help them track down those responsible for dumping them.