Bringing the ruins of an 18th century warship back to life

200521-the stirling castle-historic england
The Stirling Castle wreck Credit:

Historic England is bringing the ruins of an 18th century warship back to life.

The Stirling Castle sank off the Goodwin Sands in Kent in the Great Storm of November 1703.

Only 70 of the 349 crew members on board were saved.

Now people will be able to explore the wreck site of the 70-gun warship in a 3D virtual trail, as well as learn more about the life of the ship from its construction to its demise - all from the comfort of their homes. 

The site was found in 1979 by divers from Thanet, whilst investigating a fisherman's net fastenings.

The Stirling Castle Credit:

The wreck had been exposed by a dramatic shift in the Goodwin Sands, and when originally discovered, the hull and its contents were in an 'exceptional' state of preservation.

Terence Newman, Maritime Archaeologist at Historic England said: "The Stirling Castle is a welcome addition to our growing library of virtual dive trails, that allows for wider public access to our important underwater heritage sites.

"The trail tells the fascinating story of the Stirling Castle and her crew before taking you below the waves to explore the wreck and the artefacts that have been recovered by the dedicated team over the years."

Explore the wreck in 3D here.