An unlikely passenger: Man drives 15 miles with fox hidden under seat

Credit: RSPCA

Mechanics at a garage in Sussex had a shock when they discovered a fox cub sleeping underneath the seat of a classic car.

The Alfa Romeo had been driven from Hove, East Sussex to a classic car garage near Plumpton Green by the unsuspecting driver. 

When the mechanics started to look at the car they realised the small fox was curled up under the seat, and rang the RSPCA for help. 

Inspector Kate Barnes was able to rescue the fox and take him back to Hove to be released as fortunately he was unharmed.

Kate said: “I think the mechanics had quite a shock when they were faced with this fox cub.

"Luckily he was totally unharmed by his ordeal and is big enough to be able to survive after being released back into the wild."

Watch: The fox cub was released back into the wild

The RSPCA suspects the young cub might have been looking for some shelter after lots of recent heavy rainfall in the area, but hadn't planned on the road trip.

If anyone spots a wild animal trapped, injured or in distress, the RSPCA is urging people to call its 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999.