'As if the past year hasn't been hard enough': vandals smash up model village

  • WATCH: Vandals caught on CCTV destroying model village

The owners of a model village in Hampshire have posted shocking images and CCTV on social media after vandals broke in and began to destroy the site.

It happened at the Southsea Model Village at around 04:30 hrs on Sunday morning.

CCTV images show three figures picking up objects from the village and throwing them in various directions.

The freshly planted bonsai trees were also ripped out. Credit: Southsea Model Village

On their Facebook page they said: "They have ripped up James’s track, kicked in windows and had a throwing fight with all our little figures and ripped out our new bonsai trees".

Doors and windows from the model buildings strewn across the floor. Credit: Southsea Model Village

It's not the first time the model village has been broken into. The owners say that they are not allowed to install barbed wire and the CCTV is the best they can afford, due to how little they have been open over the past year.

A fundraiser has been set-up to help them repair the damage and has already raised over two and a half thousand pounds. It will also be used to pay for an improved security system.

Police say: "We would like to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who was involved or any information that could help our investigation".