Drivers reminded that seatbelts save lives

A driver pictured behind the wheel not wearing a seatbelt.
A driver pictured behind the wheel without wearing a seatbelt. Credit: PA

Drivers across the South are being reminded to wear their seatbelt as part of a campaign to keep road users safe.

It has been a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt since 1983, but Police say too many drivers are ignoring this rule.

Drivers also have the responsibility for ensuring a seatbelt or appropriate restrain is in use for anyone up to the age of 14 in their car - a rule some may not know about.

Wiltshire Police, which is part of the campaign, says that people should also check their seatbelts to ensure they are working properly.

The amount of people who died on Britain's roads fell due to national lockdown restrictions.

However 1,580 people had still lost their lives in road traffic accidents in the year ending June 2020.