How 10-year-old Haiden's Captain Tom inspired challenge is making a difference

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10-year-old Haiden Debley-Turner is an inspiration.

He has Spina bifida which is where the spine and spinal chord hasn't developed properly.

For Haiden, it means he usually uses a wheelchair but to raise money for charity he set himself the goal of walking 100 laps of his school in Rye, East Sussex for a good cause.

"I've raised over £1,000 for the homeless and I wanted to help them because it's cold outside and they might freeze."

Haiden's walking challenge has raised money for homeless people Credit:

The condition means the challenge has been tough and tiring.

Haiden's mother Clair Turner says she's incredible proud of what her son has achieved.

"It's hard work for him, he's not just walking like everybody else he walks with his ankle foot horses  on and with his walker so it's hard for him."I'm really proud of him, he's had a lot of hurdles to come over, I'm proud of him."

Haiden's been inspiring his classmates Credit:

Haiden's challenge is inspiring his classmates, according to head of school Kelly Martin."Having Haiden at out school is an absolute pleasure. He embodies our values of perseverance, determination and he's such an encouragement to all of the other children."We've got a real growth mindset at our school that actually we can do everything we put our minds to and Haiden is a fantastic example of that."

  • Watch: Karen Beeching, Haiden's teaching assistant describes his determination

Haiden was inspired by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore who walked a thousand laps round his garden during the first lockdown.

He now hopes to raise enough money to buy a special piece of kit which he can add to his wheelchair.

Captain Sir Tom Moore has inspired a new generation of fundraisers. Credit: PA

It would allow him to be more mobile on rough terrain or grass meaning he could play with his friends more easily.

To get there Haiden will keep walking with dogged determination.