Back in the saddle. 108 year old Edith has a much needed day out in Bournemouth

Edith Green on a trishaw
Edith Green enjoys a ride on a trishaw Credit: ITV NEWS

A 108 year old from Bournemouth has become the oldest person in the world to enjoy a ride on a trishaw - a three wheeled bicycle with a cab. Video report by Richard Slee

Edith Green who is 108 has been on a trishaw with her daughter Pat as part of a scheme being run by Cycling Without Age. It offers rides to care home residents and lets them get out and about across thousands of locations in 42 different countries.

Until Edith went on a trishaw this week, the oldest person to do so was a 107 year old woman in Singapore. Now Edith has taken the record.

Edith says it was the highlight of her week, especially after months of lockdown and not being able to get out and see people in Bournemouth.

Her daughter Pat says it has made her so happy.

This wasn't Edith's first go on a trishaw though. Pilot John has been taking Edith on rides since she was 105.

  • Cycling without Age was invented in 2012 in Copenhagen

  • It has 3,500 trishaws

  • 35,000 trained cycle pilots

  • Over 1.9 million people have benefitted

  • Oldest pilot is 90 (Jørgen Hass, Denmark)