Teenagers who trashed model village marched back there by mothers to apologise

A group of teenagers who vandalised Southsea model village have been made to volunteer at the tourist attraction by their parents.

The mothers recognised them from CCTV footage shared across social media and marched them down to apologise to the owners.

The model village was trashed by the group at around 4.20am on 23 May.

It is not the first time the model village has been broken into, with similar vandalism taking place in 2017 and 2019.

Reacting to the mothers coming down with the teenagers, Manager Harry Wilson said: "I think it's very good parenting. They were great.

"It gives them an insight into what they do wrong, has consequences."

The freshly planted bonsai trees were also ripped out. Credit: Southsea Model Village

fundraiser was set-up after the recent attack to help the owners repair the damage.

The money has also gone towards an improved security system.

On the owner's Facebook page they said: "It will light up the village zoom in and track any intruders where ever they go, with microphones so we can hear them and with alerts sent through to our phones so we can get down there and catch them in the act.

Cameras have now been installed at Southsea Model Village Credit: Southsea Model Village

"Every part of the village is covered by over 10 cameras. This is something we could never of afforded to do without the amazing generosity from everyone who has donated to our fundraising page.

Southsea Model Village Credit: ITV News Meridian

"We’d like to say a massive thank you to the local CCTV company (who don’t want any recognition) that installed this for us, you’re amazing!"