Brown bear cubs make the move to their "forever home"

Watch: Mish and Lucy make the long journey to their new home

Two brown bear cubs, who were rescued from Albania, have left Kent for their "forever home".

Mish and Lucy left the Wildwood Trust Wildlife Park today (Friday 4 June), with their new home at their sister site, Wildwood Escot in Devon, ready and waiting for them.

The cubs were found together in 2019, abandoned by their mother in a snowdrift.

Unfortunately they could not be returned to the wild, which led to Wildwood trust taking them in last summer.

Final farewell from Wildwood staff in Kent.

The pandemic meant that there were delays in building their new home in Devon, but it has now been completed, with the pair having 1.5 acres to explore.

The park, near Canterbury, will still have their adult bears known as Fluff and Scruff.

They hope to bring more cubs in need to the park in the future, but for now it's goodbye Kent and hello Devon.