Pensioner who was attacked in his own home appalled at 5-year jail term handed to robber

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A frail pensioner who was beaten and robbed at home by intruders has hit out at the five-year jail sentence handed out to the thug who led the  attack.

Arthur Chew, who is 76, says the vicious assault has had a serious impact on his health and left him feeling like a 'prisoner', afraid to even open his own doors or windows.

He was alone and sleeping when three balaclava-masked raiders climbed through his bedroom window and punched him repeatedly, demanding cash.

Nine months after the robbery at his home on the Isle of Sheppey, Arthur needs oxygen round the clock and blames his attackers for the sharp decline in his health.

Today, he hit out at the five-year jail sentence handed to the ringleader Andrew McNair, who refused to identify his accomplices.

Andrew McNair refused to identify his accomplices

With two of his attackers still not caught, Arthur says he's scared to open his doors or windows.

But he says his spirits have been lifted by the response of neighbours and charity workers, who've raised funds replacing the 600 pounds stolen and redecorated his home.

Tonight police are urging anyone with information about the two other attackers to contact them.