Newbury Racecourse opens it's doors after a long year

Watch: report by ITV News Meridian's Cary Johnston:

For the first time in more than a year, Newbury Racecourse has opened its doors to the public for a day or racing.

Like many others, the industry - which supports thousands of jobs in the region - has suffered greatly during lockdown. Today (10/06) the course welcomed spectators as the industry gets back on its feet.

It's been a difficult year for the horse-racing world.

Lockdown has meant a considerable loss of income, while the costs of horses' upkeep continues.

However today (10/06) spectators were finally allowed back here at Newbury, for a day of afternoon racing at the Berkshire track. 

Spectators were finally allowed back at Newbury and enjoyed the sun Credit: ITV News Meridian

The fear of a return to any form of lockdown though is still palpable, with Covid-19 rules at racecourses, remaining as strict as possible.

Harriet Collins, Newbury Racecourse 

There were eight races here today with a full programme already planned for the rest of the year.

The hope is for no more lockdowns, as the industry tries to regain its form in the months ahead.