100 kg dog finds a new home

Galahad has found a new home

Galahad is a four-year-old, 100kg mastiff. He's the "biggest ever" dog cared for at the Dog's Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre.

Weighing the same as a baby elephant, an appeal was launched to find him a new home.

He's now been living with his new owners, the Dimmock family, for three weeks. Galahad has been enjoying chasing the hosepipe in the hot weather and sleeps on the family's three-seater sofa in the living room at night.

Galahad is the fourth large dog the family has adopted.

Mr Dimmick added: "He's got a brilliant character, he's absolutely great. He's just starting to play tug. He'll chase a football down the garden and once he's punctured it he'll bring it back. We haven't found a toy he can't destroy yet, typically they last about a day!"

The Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre said Galahad was by far the biggest ever dog they've ever had.

Manager Harriet Blaskett said he'd had several previous homes, so it was really important to find him the right one.

Old English mastiffs are recognised by Guinness World Records as the heaviest

dog breed.