Campaigners in Sussex join wave of protests against rising tides

Protest at Worthing beach

Extinction Rebellion protestors braved the waves on Worthing beach to call for G7 leaders to take urgent action to tackle the climate crisis, rising sea levels and flooding.

They sat at a conference dinner table in the sea, dressed as G7 leaders, with a banner reading "drowning in promises".

It was one of a number of protests across the region, including  Horsham, Godalming, East Grinstead, Chichester, Tunbridge Wells and Edenbridge.

Protest on Worthing beach

Campaigners say it was a peaceful protest and celebration of creativity to raise awareness of the climate emergency.  

The leaders of the G7 are due to make a series of environmental commitments including cutting carbon emissions and launching a £500 million blue planet fund to tackle marine pollution and protect coastal ecosystems.