Watch: The doctor encouraging people from all communities to get double jabbed

Watch report by ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Briere-Edney

There are increasing concerns over the low uptake of the second Coronavirus jab for people from Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities. 

Now a doctor from Basingstoke is using her social media platforms to try and encourage people from those communities to get vaccinated.

It comes as the Government announces plans to target those groups.

Dr Tasnim Jara works in the A&E Department at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, but she has now become a big hit online through videos posted on Tik Tok.

She posts in both Bangla and English, and her videos get millions of views from around the world.

Her TikTok videos are viewed by millions of people around the world

Dr Jara started making the videos after it became clear that people from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds had a significantly higher risk of death from covid than other groups.

UK figures suggest people over 70 from Bangladeshi and Pakistani backgrounds are about 15% less likely to have their second covid jab than white people.

She hopes that her online videos may help encourage more people to get vaccinated.