British apples and strawberries will go "extinct" in 25 years without urgent action

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Briere-Edney

Home grown apples and strawberries could be "extinct" by 2046 due to a dwindling population of pollinators.

Bees, butterflies and bugs all play a key role in the food chain and they desperately need more flower patches across the country.

Around a third of the food we eat everyday relies on these pollinators, but due to a lack of "pit stops" they're struggling to refuel as they travel the UK.

  • Paula Gardner, Bee Keeper

People are being asked to give a corner of their back gardens, balconies, hanging baskets or any suitable location to help these insects recover.

Farmers in our region have teamed up with Buglife to launch a national call to the public, saying if enough people get involved this decline can be reversed.

How can I support pollinators in my garden?

Well, the Royal Horticultural Society has given these top tips:

  • Fill gardens with plants which are best suited for pollinators

  • Allow lawn ‘weeds’ to flower by cutting less often

  • Provide water for pollinators

  • Avoid using pesticides wherever possible and never spray open flowers

  • Provide nest sites for wild bees

You can find out more on how to help bees thrive here.