CCTV being installed at seafront littering hotspots

Credit: Stock photo

CCTV cameras are being installed at littering hotspots in Hove to deter people from dumping their rubbish.

The cameras will appear along Hove Lawns and the central beach near Shelter Hall.

Brighton and Hove Council says CCTV cameras deployed at the city’s fly-tipping hotspots last October have caught almost 200 people dumping rubbish where they shouldn’t.

In June, council staff in Brighton collected 100 tonnes of rubbish from the seafront in just 17 days.

CCTV at Hove Lawns (westwards)

Enforcement officers already patrol the lawns and the whole seafront, however the council says it is difficult to catch people leaving their rubbish behind.

It says if 'litterbugs see an officer approaching, they simply wait until the officer leaves'. 

It hopes the new cameras will allow enforcement officers to be quickly directed to those seen dumping their litter as the cameras will be monitored from the council’s CCTV control room.

Mock up of how cameras installed in hotspots in October 2020 are catching litterbugs. Credit: Library picture

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty, whose Brunswick & Adelaide ward covers the lawns, said: “We’re having to install these cameras due to the amount of rubbish people are leaving on Hove Lawns and the central seafront area.

“Everyone knows not to leave litter behind and that it’s a criminal offence, so we must use whatever means necessary to stop these thoughtless people who don’t care what state they leave our beautiful beach and lawns in.”

Those that are caught littering could receive a fine of up to £2,500.