Judy Murray leads campaign in Eastbourne inspiring girls to take up tennis

Video report by ITV News Meridian's John Ryall

Judy Murray, the mother of tennis star Andy Murray, has been in Eastbourne for a campaign to inspire young girls to head out onto the court.

As well as inspiring girls to take up tennis, the 'She Rallies' programme aims to train adults to teach the sport.

At Eastbourne Sports Park on Saturday (26 June) girls aged 4-11 were introduced to the pace and flow of the game gently, with chiffon squares and balloons taking the place of tennis balls.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

Judy Murray says: "It is all about building the confidence through the success, but also recognising that tennis is competing with so many other things for children's time nowadays, that we have to make our entry level product as fun and as stimulating as we can."

A partnership has been created between the Lawn Tennis Association and the Girl Guides.

Jo-Anne Downing said: "It's not a traditional tennis audience for us. We've got 30 girl-guiding leaders here that are being trained up to take tennis back to their units and deliver it to girls."

One of the girls there told ITV Meridian: "My mum always says I've got so much energy and my mum also says I've got good eye-hand coordination."

Two qualities, says Judy Murray, that need to be discovered young.

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