Meerkats at Drusillas Park predict England will win in their match against Germany

The meerkats pick England as their favourite to win. Credit: Drusillas Park

The Meerkats at Drusillas Park have predicted that England will win against Germany in the Euros tomorrow.

They made the call during an enrichment exercise at the park, which saw all the Meerkats firmly side with England.

  • Video from Drusillas Park

The whistle blew and although the predictions got off to a slow start - the meerkats quickly made their prediction clear as they pushed forward to get behind England.

Head Keeper Gemma Romanis said:

“We’re all very excited to see what England can do against Germany and all of our keepers are getting behind the team and hoping they can make the quarter-finals!

We thought what better way to support England, than to than to treat our meerkat group to their favourite mealworms while they enjoyed some football themed enrichment!

There are two twin pups in the group and they thoroughly enjoyed all the activities!”