Fitness suite opened at Abingdon Police Station in honour of PC Andrew Harper

Lissie Harper opened the fitness suite which is honour of her late husband Credit: Martis Media

A new fitness suite has been unveiled at Abingdon Police Station in memory of PC Andrew Harper.

It was opened by Lissie Harper, PC Harper's wife, alongside Thames Valley Police Constable John Campbell yesterday.

The new facilities will be available for officers in the station to make use of and include a running machine, weights and an exercise bike.

Lissie Harper and John Campbell stand outside the gym

PC Andrew Harper was killed while on duty in Sulhamstead in August 2019. 3 men were jailed for manslaughter.

Lissie continues to campaign for Harper's Law, which calls for anyone found guilty of killing an emergency services worker due to a criminal act to be jailed for life.

She thanked the Police Family for the support she's received and said she hoped the fitness suite would give officers a break from the stresses of the job.