Royal Surrey Hospital urging patients to take up their appointments

  • ITV News Meridian's Heather Edwards reports.

Patients due to have routine surgery at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford are being urged to go ahead with procedures.

The trust there has seen patients refuse treatment due to difficulties with self-isolating, before or after treatment.

It currently has 200 patients on the elective surgery waiting list who are delaying treatment over safety fears around Covid-19.

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However some patients have not been deterred and have gone ahead with routine surgery as normal.

Estelle Lintott was struggling to walk and was offered a hip replacement operation at the hospital. Despite some initial reservations she decided to go ahead with the surgery.

  • Patient Estelle Lintott went ahead with her surgery earlier this year

The hospital says it is testing patients and staff, as well as having social distancing and heightened cleaning in place.

Louise Stead, Chief Executive at the Hospital said:

"We'd really encourage people to say it is safe to come in, please come in now, we have big backlogs and we really want to get through them as quickly as we can."