Lancaster Bomber section being built from original parts by enthusiasts

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee

Work is now well underway again to complete the only full size replica of the front section of a Lancaster bomber. 

Volunteers at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection at Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury have built a new fuselage into which 90% of the parts will be original.

The aim is to create the experience of sitting in a wartime bomber.

Nearly all the parts being fitted to a new fuselage section are salvaged, or what is known as 'new old stock'. Many items are still in their original boxes. 

The few things not available are being manufactured by a team of volunteers, who are using original plans to build the aircraft.

Visitors will eventually be able to sit in the cockpit Credit: ITV News Meridian

More than 7,000 Lancaster bombers were built, but few now survive. The model being re-made is a B1 Special, of which only 33 were built.

They flew out of Boscombe Down on training missions to drop their huge 'Grand Slam' bomb on a range near Salisbury.  

Like many of the aircraft at the museum, the Lancaster is being built so that it can be climbed into - touch and feel is all part of the experience.  

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