MP calls for DNA database for dogs

More people are thought to have become dog owners during the pandemic Credit: PA Media

A Sussex MP has told the House of Commons there should be a DNA database for dogs.

Andrew Griffith, who is the Conservative MP for Arundel & South Downs says having DNA records for every dog will help track down owners whose dogs kill livestock - and also deter dog thefts.

He is urging the Government to back the idea.

Watch: MP Andrew Griffith speaking in the House of Commons:

Last month farmers joined a campaign in the South Downs to encourage dog walkers to keep their pets on a lead.

A campaign is underway to reduce the number of dog attacks on livestock Credit: PA Media

The National Farmers' Union is putting pressure on the government to give the police greater power to track down the owners of dogs that attack livestock.

Andrew Griffith is now putting a bill before parliament with the aim of making dogs easier to trace.

More people have taken to the countryside following recent lockdowns but this has also resulted in an increase in dog attacks on sheep.

The NFU has joined forces with Rangers in the South Downs to remind dog owners to keep their pets under control.