Rare butterflies found living in Victory Wood

  • WATCH: ITV News Meridian's Tony Green reports

A rare butterfly, only found in four places in Britain, has made its new home at the 140 hectare Victory Wood in Kent.

The Heath fritillary butterfly was once almost extinct, but their numbers are now rising once again.

They're mainly found in Blean woods, outside Canterbury, so the fact they have been discovered in a new part of the county is quite an achievement.

  • Claire Inglis, Site manager at Victory Wood

The area was once ancient woodland, but was felled between the 1950s and 1970s to create arable farmland.

It was then bought by the Woodland Trust in 2004 to stop it becoming a landfill site.

Since then they have been regularly planting a variety of natural plant life, and the discovery of caterpillars shows that nature has responded well to the project.

  • Rebecca Levey, Butterfly Conservation