A bride with twelve siblings finally gets married under easier Covid restrictions

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee

Candice Lewis who has 12 siblings has finally got married after the easing of coronavirus restrictions allowed a few more guests to attend her wedding in Poole.

Previously, once her 12 sisters and one brother were added to the guest list there was little room left for the bridegroom's side of the family.

But after the limit on guests was increased from 15 to 30, the wedding between Candice and Paul Ellis went ahead on Saturday.

Mum Tracy Lewis made headline news 25 years ago, when she had her tenth daughter in a row which was Candice.

Now Candice is the third sibling to get married and all her sisters were either bridesmaids or flower girls. 

She said: "There was one point where there was a ceremony of 15 people so that would have meant I wouldn't have had half of my sisters there, so to having all my sisters and immediate family is just the best."

The father of the bride, Pete Lewis said: "When the children were very young, people always said to me, 'wait until you get the weddings coming up', and I said I'd go and join the Foriegn Legion!"

"[But] I'm still here, so ten more weddings to do and it may be a little bit more of a white knuckle ride, but we can only do our best."

The children have now left home, but with only three weddings so far, the Guildhall in Poole may be seeing a lot more of the Lewis family over the next few years.