Boy's letter to 'hero' Marcus Rashford retweeted by star

Dexter Rosier wrote a note to Marcus Rashford after the team lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final Credit: ITV Meridian

A nine-year-old boy's letter to footballer Marcus Rashford has been read by thousands of people online.

Dexter Rosier, from Woodley in Reading, wrote a note to the England player after the team lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

In the letter, Dexter said he hoped Marcus wouldn't "be sad for too long" because the 23-year-old was "a good person" who had inspired him to help people less fortunate.

The note, which was retweeted by Marcus Rashford, refers to his work to ensure free school meals for disadvantaged children are available during the holidays.

Dexter says he felt nervous when watching the Euros 2020 final, in case England weren't going to make it.

The nine-year-old added says that "no one deserves the hate", regardless of the outcome of the game.

  • Dexter Rosier:

Twitter users have commented on "what a lovely boy" Dexter is for writing to the football player.

One person wrote: "What a beautiful letter, what a lovely boy you’re raising. That has truly made me smile."

  • Samantha Rosier, Mother:

The Manchester United star has also received letters from other young football fans, who have reassured him about his performance on Sunday, where he missed a penalty.

One child wrote: "I am writing to you today because whenever you miss a shot, it might be embarrassing, but it's ok...just keep thinking happy thoughts.

"You may be feeling down, but don't be. You are amazing and don't let a penalty make you upset."