The Team GB competitor about to put BMX Freestyle on the world stage in Tokyo

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Sarah Gomme

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is now just a week away, and competitors from across the South and South East are making final preparations as they hope to bring medals home.

One sport which will feature for the first time is BMX Freestyle. Declan Brooks will be making history has he represents Team GM in the sport.

He's hoping that having the sport on the world stage will help to inspire a new generation of youngsters.

However it has not been an easy journey getting this far.

The games were originally due to have taken place last year but were postponed for 12 months because of the Covid pandemic.

His training schedule was badly disrupted because of lockdown with park and indoor training sites closed.

But he's now ready for his quest for gold. He hopes to bring home a groundbreaking medal and also inspire others to take up the sport and compete on the world stage.

Declan Brooks will be making history in Tokyo