Mums step in to save school prom for daughters

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Betsy, Elina and Lily had planned every last detail of a prom night to remember - so when the event was cancelled by their school near Southampton because of the pandemic the disappointment was huge. Then, their three mums stepped in.

"My daughter Elina has wanted this since she was little,' said Rachel Wallis. "It's like a little girl's dream - it was so sad when they said they weren't doing it so we all got together and said let's do it, let's make it happen."

Prom preparation

The mums are now in charge of a glitzy evening at a fancy hotel for their daughters - and 185 of their school friends. 

The girls - who are already practising their hair and make up at their homes near Southampton and trying on their dresses - can't thank them enough.

"They have the biggest determination to give us the best night of our lives and I love them so much for that, " said Betsy Grant aged 16.

"The night of having fun at prom is a really important thing now - especially after the year we've had which was just one thing after another - so it's really great. "

Practising for Prom night

The mums say that despite rising numbers of cases they're confident their prom event will be safe as possible  - all restrictions are now lifted, most parents are now double vaccinated, the whole year group are in a bubble together - AND students already test for Covid twice a week. 

"I just think they've had such a difficult year - they've had all the things that they should have done taken away from them," said Tanya Grant. "I think they deserve it and I think for them it is a right of passage - they've had all the usual school things taken away - productions, sports day - I think it's even more important than usual."

And this event isn't the only one being organised. At Alton in Hampshire there's a prom for the pupils who left the town's secondary schools last summer and missed out on saying a proper goodbye.

They include those like Lorna Plummeridge, Mack Wellfare and Millie Ackroyd.

"We didn't get to leave the proper way as we should have done," said Lorna. "So even though it's been a year it's the goodbye we all feel we deserve."

For some school leavers at least then the chance to make some treasured memories - and start catching up on all the fun they've missed. 

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