Graffitied gate in Sussex transformed into wildlife artwork

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A clifftop gate, on the Sussex coast, has been transformed into a stunning piece of art after it was covered in graffiti.

South East Water commissioned the work after its gate at Holywell was covered in tags.

Brighton artist, Sarah Gillings, has painted images of wildflowers and animals on the gate and the finished work is attracting a lot of attention.

She says she likes the "wow factor" of the large scale artwork, which captures people's attention as soon as they come around the corner.

Sarah says: "The art also blends in really well, as I've picked the colours carefully to blend with the local foliage."

  • Sarah Gillings, Artist:

The design was chosen by the local community, who wanted the Sussex-native Spiked Rampion Flower and fox in the work.

Eastbourne Councillor, Josh Babarinde, says he doesn't think the gate will be defaced with graffiti because of an understanding among street artists.

He says: "We've had murals done in different parts across town on walls that may have been in bad shape before and the great thing, is once there's new life breathed into them by street artists, other street artists respect that."

  • Councillor Josh Babarinde, Eastbourne Council, Lib Dem: