Bear family enjoys new home after rescue from Andorran zoo

Julio, Enciam, Neu and their young cubs have been busy exploring their new three-acre woodland enclosure. Credit: Port Lympne Reserve

Port Lympne Reserve have announced that their new family of European brown bears, who were recently rescued from a zoo in Andorra, are now exploring their new three-acre woodland enclosure.  

The bears, named Julio, Enciam and Neu, and their young cubs were transported 800 miles from Naturlandia. It's Andorra’s only zoo and it was part of an amusement park.

The decision to transfer them to Port Lympne was made following the announcement by Naturlandia’s director, Xabier Ajona, that the Andorran zoo would be closing.

The bears cool off in their new enclosure. Credit: Port Lympne Reserve

Port Lympne Reserve worked in partnership with Bears In Mind, an organisation which works to provide better living conditions for captive bears. 

Their rescue facilitated by Port Lympne’s supporters, who helped raise the funds for the transfer and the custom-built enclosure. 

The three-acre woodland enclosure includes water features, den areas and plenty of vegetation, allowing the bears to live the most natural life possible.

They are very curious animals, inspecting and scent-marking their new space, and are always keen on feeding time, with the adults eating up to 40kg of food a day.

The bears set about making themselves at home in their enclosure. Credit: Port Lympne Nature Reserve

Port Lympne Reserve’s Animal Director, Simon Jeffery, said: “The team worked tirelessly to prepare for this arrival and are delighted to welcome the new bears into their new enclosure".