Firefighter survives horrific injuries after slicing leg with chainsaw disc

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A stark warning has been issued after a fire fighter from West Sussex slashed his leg and foot with a mis-sold chainsaw disc.

West Sussex Trading standards say they are lethal and should be banned from sale.

Simon Woodland was 'just a millimetre or two' away from easily causing life-changing injuries with the discs he bought online. 

The 51-year-old, from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, sustained injuries after using a disc incorrectly labelled to be compatible with household angle grinders.

The father-of-two was off duty and doing DIY work at home in Aldwick when the grinder ‘kicked back’ and sliced into his leg.

Credit: West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Simon suffered laceration wounds to his foot, in an incident that could have ended his 23-year-career, had be not been wearing protective gear.

He said: “The disc kicked back which wrenched the tool from my hand, sending it spinning to the floor whilst locked at full speed.

"I couldn't believe it when the accident happened. I was wearing protective gear when the tool sliced my leg. It was a real shock and I dreaded looking down to see what injuries I had sustained.

“When I bought the product online, I had no idea it wasn’t supposed to be on sale.

He said: “The disc slashed through my shoe into my foot and I got painful cuts into my right shin."

  • Simon Woodland, Firefighter:

West Sussex Trading Standards have issued a stark warning about the discs which have been found to be mis-sold as compatible with angle grinders. Urgent checks at hardware stores are being carried out across the county.Peter Aston, West Sussex Trading Standards said online market places aren't regulated.

He said: "Simon’s experience should act as a stark warning to workers in the construction industry, DIY enthusiasts and wood carvers to stop using chainsaw discs being sold as attachments for angle grinders."

  • Peter Aston, West Sussex Trading Standards:

Simon said: "I urge anyone who has these in their possession to not use them under any circumstances and return them for a full refund."

If you have seen these attachments on sale in the county, you can let Trading Standards know by calling 0808 2231133 or online here.