South Asian Heritage Month: Punjab United brings Gravesend community together

  • Watch the report by ITV Meridian's Andrew Pate

As part of a series of reports to mark South Asian Heritage Month, ITV Meridian's Andrew Pate visited a football club in Kent, whose heart is in the Punjab.

Two Sikh brothers and their friends created Punjab United, which is a multicultural hub for people of all ages across Gravesend.

The club says it's open to everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or ability.

Chipie Sian, Founder, Punjab United says the committee's work is part of their Sikh culture where they have to do sewa.

Sewa is a selfless service that is done without any expectation of reward for performing it. 

Chipie Sian says: "We're giving up our time. We're coming here. We have 250 kids training during the week."

"We've built a family atmosphere. It doesn't matter what colour you are, who you are. They come to Punjab, they feel like family."

  • Chipie Sian, Founder, Punjab United:

Punjab United has teams ranging from the under 8s, right up to the semi professionals.

The team is now playing at its highest ever level in the Southern Counties East Premier Division, after back to back promotions.

William Johnson-Cole, Striker, Punjab United says the club is good for all the local primary schools, secondary schools.

He says: "It doesn't matter what background you're from. Whether you are male or female, it doesn't matter at all. Come down and play, everyone is welcome."

  • William Johnson-Cole, Striker, Punjab United:

Although Sporting Khalsa beat Punjab United, as well as Leicester Nirvana and Sporting Bengal, the football club says it's the taking part that matters.

Tan Dhesi MP, Former Mayor of Gravesham says: "When you look at the Steve Cook stadium, they have transformed the local area.

"They've also provided a platform so many people can not only stay on the straight and narrow, but they can channel their energies into a positive sense."

Punjab United says their rise through the divisions has even surprised them. For the South Asian friends who formed the club, Punjab United continues to grow.