Warning issued after tourists were spotted on Birling Gap cliff edge

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Tourists were repeatedly spotted dangerously close to the cliff edge at Birling Gap in East Sussex over the weekend.

One walker watched as dozens of visitors took massive risks on the cliffs, that are at risk of collapsing.

Dave spotted the visitors occasionally sitting on the edge, while they posed photos. 

He said "it's just not right" to see lots of people go near to the edge.

Chalk cliffs are porous and earlier this year, thousands of tonnes of rock fell into the sea near Dover. 

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On sunny days, thousands of visitors walk along the Seven Sisters and patrols can expect to speak to at least 6 people, warning them about being too close to the edge.

Graham Easton, HM Coastguard said: "They are taking a risk with their life. Let's put it bluntly, it is dangerous. If you get too close to these cliffs, then they do give way."

  • Graham Easton, HM Coastguard: