Operation Brock: Calls for strict set of criteria before it can be re-introduced

Watch: Sarah Saunders report on Operation Brock

She spoke to Ashford MP Damian Green and Senior Highways Manager Toby Howe

Operation Brock on the M20 will be stood down this weekend - this time after just 18 days in place.

There have been calls for a strict set of criteria to be introduced before the controversial road scheme, which slows traffic to 50 miles an hour, can be re-introduced.

The MP for Ashford, Damian Green, says the scheme to deal with heavy traffic is better than its predecessor, Operation Stack, but cannot just be used because someone has 'worries' about possible congestion.

The contra-flow system was brought back into use over two weeks ago because of fears of heavy traffic once covid restrictions eased, but the jams never materialised.

It was also in place for a number of weeks earlier in the year because of concern about Brexit traffic disruption.

Kent Resilience Forum partners say they will continue to monitor the situation closely and will only redeploy the barrier should the data indicate it is needed.

Meanwhile, KRF partners, including Highways England, Department for Transport and Kent County Council, continue to advise people driving in or through Kent to always be prepared for delays. 

Simple safe travel steps to take include:

  • CHECKING your route before you travel - for where to go for the latest traffic and travel updates in Kent visit Kent County Council's Travel & Transport page here

  • ALLOWING extra time to get to your destination - because traffic jams can happen anywhere 

  • PACKING your car with essentials - including food, water, any medication you need and supplies, such as extra nappies if travelling with children, and

CHECKING your vehicle (tyres, lights, fuel, oil and water) before you set off -  many breakdowns are unnecessary so follow Highways England's advice