Kent youngster shortlisted after designing a wind-turbined powered car

Kit Bradshaw went to meet Annabelle Sappor and sent this report.

11 year old Annabelle Sappor, from Kent, may not be old enough to drive a car yet, but that hasn't stopped her from designing an all-new type of electric vehicle.  She's wowed industry experts with her design.

Annabelle's design for a car powered by small wind turbines

Annabelle loves physics, aerodynamics and design so decided to bring together her hobbies and invent a wind-powered car.

Annabelle's design for the car was among five technology proposals from young people to make the shortlist of a national award.  She's determined not to let her awards nomination be the end of the road so she's set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and is asking for help from green technology leaders to make her environmentally-friendly dream a reality.

Her dad is backing her all the way.

Annabelle learns about the workings of a car

Current plans will see the UK end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. 

By then, this young inventor will be old enough to be behind the wheel - possibly of a car she designed herself.