Louise Kerton: Father hopes to reopen case 20 years after daughter disappears

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Kit Bradshaw

The father of a student nurse, who went missing 20 years ago, has told ITV News he is hoping her case can be reopened.

In 2001, Louise Kerton left Germany on a train bound for her home in Broadstairs, but then vanished.

On the anniversary year of her disappearance, her family continue to appeal for any information as to her whereabouts.

Louise Kerton boarded a train at Aachen in Germany to head home, but was never heard from again.

The 24-year-old trainee nurse had been on holiday with her fiance, Peter Simon, staying at his family’s home in Straßfeld - not far from the Belgian border. 

She'd apparently been dropped off by Mr Simon’s mother at Aachen train station on 30 July.

After a police investigation, officers in Germany closed her file in 2011.

Louise's father Phil Kerton has never given up finding her, and hopes to reopen the case.

He said: "In that length of time, there should have been new ways of analysing evidence, looking into discrepancies that have occured, looking for gaps where things were overlooked. And also in forensic science, where different sorts of samples can be analysed in all sorts of ways."

Missing People have a dedicated page for Louise here.

Kent Police says as Louise had not travelled back to the UK, the Aachen State Prosecutor remains the lead agency on the case.

Detective Superintendent Gavin Moss said: "On 30 July 2001 Louise Kerton failed to return home to her family in Kent after a stay in Aachen, Germany and understandably her loved ones want to know what happened to her.

"Due to Louise’s last known whereabouts, the case was investigated by the German Authorities and Kent Police officers made a number of enquiries on their behalf. On completion of those enquiries it was established that Louise had not travelled back into the UK and the Aachen State Prosecutor remains the lead agency in this case.

"Since her disappearance, Kent Police has spoken to Louise’s family as and when there have been appropriate updates to provide them regarding the investigation by the German Authorities.

"Our sympathies remain with Louise’s family and we will respond to any new information that will assist our colleagues in Germany with their investigation and ensure it is brought to their attention. If any new developments come to light from Germany, Kent Police officers will again reach out to Louise’s loved ones and update them."