Mum saved by 3 year old daughter who called 999 when she collapsed

  • ITV News Meridian's Malcom Shaw reports.

A mother from Sussex has described how her three year old daughter saved her life when she suffered a potentially fatal asthma attack .

Kayleigh Robus was left unable to speak or summon help when she collapsed at home.

But, her daughter Imogen dialed 999 and calmly directed paramedics to their family home.

  • Kayleigh Robus, Imogen's mother

Imogen wasn't able to tell the ambulance service the family's exact address, but she was able to describe what her house looked like.

This information service helped the service narrow down where they lived after they tracked her phone to the area.

Imogen remembered details such as the front door being grey in colour and that there was a bus stop outside and a shop nearby.

  • A copy of the 999 call between Imogen and the ambulance service

The call handler that took the call was said to be astonished that the three year old could be so calm under pressure.

Imogen even managed to open the front door and wait in view so the paramedics could see where to go.

  • Marianne Hardie, Emergency Medical Advisor

Kayleigh was taken to the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, where she needed five days of treatment to recover from the asthma attack.

She says she has never taught Imogen to dial 999 and she's still not sure where she learnt it. But, she is so grateful that her little girl stepped up when her family needed her most.