Roads across Hampshire will continue to deteriorate without further action

A car passes a pothole Credit: PA Images

Hampshire County Council has warned that delays to road repairs are becoming "noticeable", as the authority battles a number of issues.

It comes via a report from the council's director of economy, transport and environment which was put before the Councillor Russell Oppenheimer.

A combination of high demand for roadworks, budget cuts, the HGV driver shortage and the Covid-19 pandemic are all to blame for what is being described as "unprecedented" delays.

A van passes over a pothole which has been marked to be fixed Credit: PA Images

Cllr Oppenheimer said:

"There is a very serious situation here because of the cumulative impact of all these issues.

'We all know how important our highways are to communities, businesses and emergency services."

Meanwhile, opposition councillors acknowledge the authority is squeezing as much as it can out of an "ever-declining pot".

The county council is proposing to re-prioritise work that needs to be carried out, with further details due later this year.

A car can be seen passing a pothole on an adjacent road Credit: PA Images

The news into the state of roads in Hampshire comes just weeks after Southampton City Council, which maintains roads in the city, said it would invest 10 million pounds into roads and pavements over the next two years.

Southampton deputy council leader, Councillor Jeremy Moulton said:

"This is in addition to the £6m a year we already invest in our roads, contributing to our biggest spend over a two year period to date.

"With the additional investment in more pothole repair crews, our roads will soon receive an enhanced level of service prior to the start of imminent or future large-scale road maintenance schemes."