Extra police patrols in Dorset to crackdown on anti-social behaviour

ITV News Meridian reporter Richard Slee joined Dorset Police on patrol

Extra police are patrolling the streets of Dorset in a campaign to crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Operation Relentless is part of plans by the force to stamp out trouble during the summer months following the easing of Covid restrictions. 

The first place the officers visit is the multi-agency control room on the seafront in Bournemouth.

It is where the officers get an early indication of any potential anti-social behaviour.

Officers start their shift in the multi-agency control room to get an early indication of any potential anti-social behaviour Credit: ITV News Meridian

PC Joel Brooks, Dorset Police, said: "What we try and do as get out early doors so people see us and we are a visible presence early on.

"That nips it in the bud because they see the police interacting with people.

"We're not just walking through, we are interacting with them, we are chatting to them, all people - families, adults, stag and hen parties, all sorts.

"Getting amongst them, getting to know people and seeing what it's like in the town for later on."

Credit: ITV News Meridian

The county's recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick, says this campaign is needed, because Dorset has been slow to deal with anti-social behaviour compared to neighbouring forces. 

Mr Sidwick said: "If you look at anti-social behaviour there are different parts to it, some parts are dealt with by the council such as noise, some parts can be dealt with by the police, but what is important is that it's the start of something more serious if we don't get on top of it.

"I have heard of young people who start with a bit of anti-social behaviour and they fall into county lines, they fall into drug dealing and I'm determined we are not going to have that in Dorset."