Your Pictures: August 2021

It may not feel particularly summer-y out there, but it hasn't deterred you from snapping away...

Deerleap, New Forest Credit: Colin Lee
Gulls over The Solent Credit: Jan Sutton
Red Admiral butterfly, Highdown Gardens, Worthing Credit: Hayley McCabe
Sandcastles at Winchelsea Beach Credit: Peter Norman
Sunflowers at Crossways Credit: Margaret Wellspring
Ashley Walk, New Forest Credit: Claire Sheppard
Blue skies, Eastbourne Credit: Jennie Gunter
Rainbow over Cheriton Credit: Marion Griffiths
Aster in the garden, Basingstoke Credit: Roy Venkatesh
Damselfly in Basingstoke Credit: Gary Laundy
Folkestone Air Show Credit: Kyle Mckie
Stockbridge Water Meadows Credit: Rob Lane
A drop in the ocean, Langstone Harbour Credit: Vicky Stovell