Exhibition gives a voice to children of alcoholics

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins

Around 2.6 Million Children in the UK are affected by their parent's drinking. Local Charities supporting families affected by alcohol addiction have seen demand increase.

Now the children of alcoholics have been given a voice, thanks to an exhibition called 'Find your Oasis.

Organised by the Back on Track Project in Brighton and supported by the Oasis Project and national helpline, Nacoa. Giving children of alcoholics a voice through story, poetry, art and song. 

The exhibition was the idea of Ceri Walker from the 'Back on Track' project in Brighton - who had a chaotic childhood due to her own mother’s alcoholism. 

  • Ceri Walker, Back on Track project

The exhibition follows a competition - called ‘Find Your Oasis’  - revealing an insight into what life is like growing up with parents who put alcohol first. 

One of the entries is from Marta who’s parents were both alcoholics. Marta now works for the Oasis Project - in their creche supporting families dealing with alcohol and substance misuse. 

Artwork by Marta Hermanczuk Rocha

Around 2.6 million children in the UK are affected by their parents' drinking. With alcohol misuse on the increase nationally since the start of the pandemic it's an increasingly big problem.

With the support of the Oasis project and National helpline, Nacoa, it’s hoped the exhibition will show children they aren’t alone if their parents drink too much.