New camera causes 99% fall in fly-tipping at notorious hotspot in Kent

  • Watch the video report by ITV Meridian's Tony Green

A notorious fly-tipping hotspot in Dartford has seen incidents fall by 99 per cent since the introduction of a new camera.

Up to three tonnes of rubbish was being dumped at the lay-by in Birchwood each week, before the huge device was installed.

While there has been cameras there before, this is the first time the technology has been reliable enough to record fly-tipping and the registration or any vehicle involved.

In the past, hidden cameras could detect around 30 crimes a week. Since February, the camera has only issued 16 fines, which have all been paid.

Richard Cherry, Enforcement Manager, Dartford Council said the scale of the camera has generated a lot of talk in the community.

He said: "It's made a huge difference. It covers vehicles that come in, it covers any commission of fly tipping in progress and importantly as well because it can be seen."

  • Richard Cherry, Enforcement Manager, Dartford Council:

Despite assumptions the fly-tipping would happen in other locations, there hasn't been an increase in the vicinity and or an impact on other recycling sites.

John Roberts, Solutions Director, Kingdom Local Authority Support said: "If you're not fly-tipping at a location, then it's not going to generate a report and nothing will be reviewed.

It's only the reports that come through that we would be looking. As long as you've not committed an offence of fly-tipping at that location, then no one is sitting there watching what you do."