Families write to Prime Minister over concerns about Gosport War Memorial Hospital investigations

Report by ITV News Meridian's Chlöe Oliver

Families whose loved ones died at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire are writing to the Prime Minister over their concerns at how earlier police investigations were handled.

Kent and Essex Police are now looking into more than 700 deaths at the hospital in the late 1980s and throughout the 90s.

But the families feel the failings of earlier investigations by Hampshire Police still haven't been addressed.

The police are looking into more than 700 deaths at the hospital Credit: ITV News Meridian

David Wilson and Bernard Page are among around 30 families writing to the Prime Minister criticising the handling of the self-referred investigation by Hampshire Police.

It is being carried out by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, previously known as Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The force said it investigated such allegations but found no evidence.

Dulcie Middleton died three months after being admitted to the hospital following a stroke Credit: Family handout

David Wilson's aunt Dulcie Middleton was admitted to the hospital in Gosport for rehabilitation following a stroke - she died three months later.

Angry at the disregard of his complaints, David says enough is enough. 

Led in part by an independent panel, set up three years ago, it found over 450 lives were shortened, by doses of diamorphine, given without clinical justification at Gosport War Memorial Hospital. 

Hampshire Police admitted their first three investigations were not up to standard. So in 2019, Operation Magenta was set up - an independent investigation led by Kent and Essex Police.

The independent panel found that Bernard Page's mother, Eva Page, died from opioid usage without appropriate clinical indication but no charges have ever been brought.

Eva Page died at the hospital from opioid usage without appropriate clinical indication Credit: Family handout

Mr Page said: "It's an ongoing battle where every stage you are being pushed back by the authorities.

"We're all getting older but I think we will still continue. Now there's grandchildren involved and they will continue."

Generations will continue seek answers not just for their their loved ones but for all those who entered Gosport War Memorial Hospital and never came home.