The village that time forgot: Imber was evacuated during the war and residents never returned

  • Video report by ITV Meridian's Mike Pearse on the town the lain forgotten since the war.

Visitors have today been given a rare opportunity to visit a disused village in the middle of Salisbury Plain.

Imber was evacuated during the war and its residents were never allowed back. 

Public visits are only allowed once a year by the military.

During the war it was evacuated to give American troops space to prepare for the D-Day landings. 

But 150 residents were never allowed back as it became part of the military zone. Today the houses and village church still remain. 

  • The bus service was the idea of Network Rail Chairman Sir Peter Hendy. 

The village is still used for training and a campaign after the war to allow people back to their homes came to nothing. 

Despite the British weather, today's visitors said it was worth the trip to get a glimpse of this usually hidden part of Salisbury plain.