Foal fighting for its life after being set on fire in horrific attack

A foal who suffered horrific burns after being set on fire in Kent is fighting for his life.

The seven-week-old colt, named Phoenix, was found near Sevenoaks on the evening of 3rd August and taken to the vets for immediate treatment. The whereabouts of his mother is unknown.

Phoenix in the care of the horse hospital

He was transferred to a Redwings, a Horse Hospital in Norfolk having spent over a fortnight receiving emergency care at Lingfield Equine Vets, near to where he was discovered.

The foal had burns across one whole side of his body resulting in him losing most of his foal hair and his mane, and leaving him with incredibly painful sores.

Nic de Brauwere, Head of Welfare & Behaviour, said: “It’s heart-breaking that anyone would target any animal, but particularly such an innocent foal with such a barbaric act of cruelty.

"Luckily, he ended up at Lingfield who have given him every chance to survive. Phoenix’s condition was very touch and go for a few days, but he started to respond to treatment - his progress no doubt helped by his strong little character and the affection and skill of his carers at Lingfield."

Phoenix is currently receiving around-the-clock care in an ICU stable, and a mare named Mildred, who is a permanent resident at the Sanctuary, has been housed in the neighbouring stable to provide him with company and act as his surrogate mother in time.