How police worked to dismantle more than 50 drug lines in two years

Watch: Police raid homes, ram cars and seize money to crackdown on drug lines

More than 50 drug lines operating in an area of Buckinghamshire have been dismantled by police over the last two years.

Since 2019, officers in Aylesbury Vale dismantled multiple lines operating in the area, 35 of them being county drug lines.

Thames Valley Police have seized over 10kg of drugs, amounting to a street value of nearly £400,000.

Credit: TVP

More than £300,000 of cash made through criminal means has also been recovered.

The force has released a video outlining some of the work it has been undertaking over the last two years.

Footage shows officers breaking down doors using chainsaws to conduct home raids, and ramming cars to arrest those they believe are part of drug lines in the area.

Credit: TVP

As a result of police work, drug dealers are now serving a combined total of more than 270 years in prison.

As of the release of the police footage, 39 people arrested are awaiting trial.

Credit: TVP

Superintendent Michael Loebenberg, Commander for the Aylesbury Vale local policing area, said: “Our focus on reducing violence targets these criminal networks harming our communities through crime and exploitation, inherently linked to the supply of drugs.

"The team use visible and covert tactics to monitor, identify and pursue individuals to dismantle the criminal activity they are undertaking.

"They work closely with other officers and partner agencies across the Aylesbury Vale to implement enforcement operations and to protect vulnerable individuals who are being exploited."

What is County Lines?

County Lines drug dealing is the name given to drug dealing where organised criminal groups (OCGs) use phone lines to move and supply drugs, usually from cities into smaller towns and rural areas.

This type of drug dealing exploits children and vulnerable adults who may have mental health or addiction problems. Generally, these people are exploited to supply and run drugs, and are often forced into this activity through intimidation and violence.