Community garden scheme bears fruit in Folkestone

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Tony Green

The streets around the fringes of Folkestone don't just look good, they taste good.

In the planters not just flowers, but herbs and veg. It's all inspired by a movement called Incredible Edible that began in Yorkshire a decade ago.

It's now here in Kent thanks to some very willing volunteers.

Leonie Wootton, from Incredible Edible, said: "Free food for the community. They can come out and pick things from the planters from the spaces that we have got and help themselves to herbs".

Incredible Edibles volunteers hard at work at one of their patches. Credit: ITV News Meridian

She continued: "I met Jo Sidders up at the community network United Response in Cheriton and we said wouldn't it be fantastic to make a corridor all the way from Cheriton to Sandgate just outside Folkestone, and base it on the Incredible Edible."

United Response supports people with special needs or learning difficulties, helping them integrate into the community, 

Jo Sidders, said: "When we do planters outside people are always coming up to us in the street and just thanking us and saying what a wonderful thing it is you're doing."

The Incredible Edible scheme has popped up in cities across the UK since its inception a decade ago. Credit: ITV News Meridian

"I know it sounds trivial but when you walk along the street and just see one bee at a flower that you have planted it does make you feel emotional and yes this does matter." 

There are now around 20 plots all tended by committed members of the community.  

Volunteer Sharon Rossiter only drew up the plans to plant up the Folkestone church in February. She's had a helping hand from people at Napier Barracks.

  • Sharon Rossiter

She said: "They have become involved because it's very difficult at the barracks so they started attending the church as somewhere to go and they do a coffee morning".

"They said what can we do to help the church and community basically and then one of the people at the church said 'well there's a gardening group here every Thursday 3pm'."

"Why not come along? and they have embraced it. So they started off with one and now we have got five and they are the best workers ever and so polite."

And with everyone's help, that dream of a green corridor, is growing ever closer.